Full spectrum LED lighting has become the most efficient and cost effective method for indoor growing. Because of the highly customizable light wave configurations and the overall cooler, more compact and energy saving nature of LED lights; ReLi grow systems are helping farmers produce healthier plants, with shorter grow cycles and larger yields.


LAYERED Spectrum LEDâ„¢

Traditionally, LED lights could only be used to grow greens: lettuce, spinach, microgreens, etc. The innovation of full and Layered Spectrum LEDâ„¢ technology allows a farmer to reap the benefits of LED lights while growing flowering plants in addition to greens.  


Cooler Temperature

LEDs are extremely efficient when it comes to converting energy into light; especially compared to outdated lighting options like HID or broadband lights. When light sources produce less heat it allows farmers to spend less time worrying about problems like temperature control, ventilation and plant stress.


compact spacing

Traditional indoor grow lights are bulky and can be fragile. ReLi lights are compact, easy to hang and can be placed close together allowing for more intense light and photosynthesis. No matter the size of of grow space plants can get all the light they need to reach their full potential with ReLi.


Intense lighting

LEDs produce more intense light through the isolation of wavelengths. This allows the plant to get the exact colors of light in the spectrum that they need during different phases of the grow process and results in healthier, stronger plants.


Save more

Using ReLi systems directly results in happier plants and happier farmers. Plants get the light they need and farmers get a significant reduction in their energy bill. Beyond overall energy use, LED lights are cooler which means less money spent on expensive ventilation and air conditioning systems.